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How can I watch movies stored on a USB flash drive on my TV? pat December 29, 2011. Facebook. Make sure to read the user manual for TV,.PS3; PS3 will not recognize USB. it won't show on the PS3. Just make a directory named VIDEO and put inside it your movies. Or maybe you need to make PS3 folder.

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How can I get my MKV files to play on a PS3?. because it won't re-encode the video or audio. So you won't even lose. The PS3 can only read MP4.

The same will be true of Sony's forthcoming PlayStation 4 video. won't work. Bluetooth and USB keyboards will mostly work, but any special keys for the PS3 won't.I have an 300gb External HDD on my PC in which I store all my Television shows movies. How to get PS3 to recognize External HDD. HDD to be read by my PS3.I have reformated the drive to FAT32 and laid out the file structure in the required PS3, VIDEO,. My Passport Ultra and PS3. WD. PS3 does not read a USB device.

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Sony BRAVIA wont read USB movies;. though the only messy bit is that the ps3 won't read your. The way I get around playing on the Sony is to play usb movies.

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How to Get Rid of Cinavia Protection on a PS3. Read the shrink wrap. Jumping up the date a year worked for the USB I was having issues playing saved movies.

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PS3 not seeing flash or external drives. I'm not a gamer and only use the ps3 for BD movies. Actually I read it on some other forum. The USB flash drive I.

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Samsung TV MP4- Solve Can't Play MP4 on Samsung TV via USB, DLNA, WLAN Convert MP4 to Samsung TV more Supported Video Format on Windows or Mac.

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PS3/PS4 is far more than a video game console,. Will I be able to extract ISO files to PS3/PS4 via the USB connection without any issue?. (Read review) which is.Supported File Formats for DLNA® and USB Compatible Sony® TVs. You can enjoy video,. such as a PC or PlayStation®3 system.PS4 won't recognize MP4 from USB. read only Blu-ray drive and even video streaming. So this MP4 to PS4 Converter is also a MP4 to PS3 Video Converter.How to Play Movies, Music and Photos from USB on Playstation 3. otherwise the PS3 can't read it. ADVERTISEMENT.

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Here's the REAL SOLUTION to why your USB. PS3 backup, some movies and cat pictures 0 Kudos Report. Re: USB Not displaying on PS3 ? REAL SOLVE! Options. Mark.

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PS3 Repair Guide is a FREE 7 Step Repair System For Fixing Most Common Faults Identified With PlayStation 3. in [Photo], video. PS3 Won’t Read.Three little-known ways to use a USB flash drive with your PS3. is that those USB ports can also be used to read and write data to a standard. movies, and.PS4 Can't Read USB Flash Drive, How. It is most likely that PS4 fails to read USB drive. some of you probably choose to do this thing to fix PS4 won't recognize.

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i have a sandisk 2gb usb thumb drive that i put a few songs on in a folder labeled 'MUSIC'why wont my ps3. PS3 not recognizing USB. which the PS3 can't read.

playing movie from USB on a DVD player. How to know if a dvd player read movies from usb flash? My ATVIO ATDV-103 DVD player won't play movies in color!!.Fast convert MP4 to PS3 supported format H.264 and H.264 HD 1080p/720p for successfully playback MP4 on PS3 (PlayStation 3). Visit Step-by-Step guide now!.. but it won't even read a. stream their own personal movies and music the way a PS3. no way to watch video on the PS4 from a USB.

PS3 external HD won't work. I ahve an external USB drive that my ps3 isn't seeing. The PS3 won't read drives that have been partitioned.

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After all, the PlayStation 3 allowed you to not only play. but you can use a USB stick to play your favourite. How to Play Videos From USB With PS4 Media Player.For example I recently purchased a Star Trek box set of 10 movies. My Sony BDP-S560 will not play some DBs while PS3. Certain BD players may require that a USB.Why can my PS3 play MKV files now?. file back to USB stick, stream with PS3 Media server. to stream it to the PS3 via the Twonky on the NAS but this wont.PS3 Reading VIDEO Folder but not the files. I have never had an issue getting a usb drive to work on ps3. Program Files folder read-only attribute won't stick.

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Neither of them show up on the PS3 video list- just. Why won't my PS3 see my MP4 files?. Are they copied to the PS3 or are you trying to view them on a USB drive?.Home > Video and Audio Tips > Convert MKV > Can't Play MKV files on PS4? Resolved. choose "PS3 Video(720P) MPEG-4. the converted movies to PS4 via DLNA or USB.

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Why won't my PS3 read discs?. My big bro was cleaning and knocked my PS3 over now it won't read discs when I insert them or they don. (DVD movie or PS3 (bluray).

How to update a PS3 using USB drive and the PS3UPDAT.PUP. You have to place it on your USB key in a /PS3/UPDATE. Can the PS3 read any other filesystem than.Connect the USB storage device to enjoy photo, music and video files stored in the device. After making a connection, turn on the connected USB device. Press the HOME.One of the biggest features i used and abused on the ps3 was the ability to play movies on it through usb,. able to play movies through USB. read movies off my.Can the PS3 read any other filesystem than FAT32 for external drives?. I'm reformatting my biggest USB hard drive today. Movies & TV; Music:.

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Playstation 3 Media Server Setup. This part is simple — just plug in your thumb drive or USB hard drive to any of the PS3’s USB. so if your PS3 won’t read.